Our Guarantee


Prior to admittance, every prospective member is thoroughly screened by Bonded Builders Home Warranty before being approved by their underwriting department.

To assure that their rigid building standards are met, every builder must agree to an inspection of their homes by a construction industry specialist.

As prescribed by their building standards, prospective builders must take care of “call backs” and “punch out” items in a proper manner.

Prospective builder members must provide names, addresses and phone numbers of customer references, each of which is then surveyed to determine their builder satisfaction history. Prospective members must provide reference information on subcontractors and suppliers used in their homes’ construction.

Both prior to and after membership acceptance, each Bonded Builders member must provide proof of technical competence and financial stability on an ongoing basis.

The privilege of membership in the Bonded Builders Home Warranty Association is extended only after the Association is satisfied that a builder possesses that special pride in workmanship with the financial means to continue to provide the kind of housing and service that you deserve.

Only then can the builder advertise as a member of this elite group of builders.